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Ducketts Event


Ducketts Event

What makes your business different and does anyone care?

Business Development Club 12th October 2016
Verzon Hotel, Ledbury: 6.00pm for 6.30pm.

Why should your customers choose your product/services  rather than a competitor’s?  The hard truth is that unless a business can articulate some unique reason why a customer should buy from it, then usually the customer will make a choice based on other factors, probably price, but possibly reputation/brand. That’s where marketing comes in.

It’s tempting to cut back on marketing in difficult times, but the real trick is to get value for money for the expenditure.

So, we’ve asked Chris Hutchinson, of Aardvark Consulting, to give us the wisdom of his experience. He worked for many years with some household names and now spends his time making marketing and advertising work for small business. We’ve involved him with a number of our clients to good effect. He’ll cover:

  • The ways of differentiating a business
  • How to identify what makes your business special (it may not be what you think)
  • An interactive session to help you identify your unique selling proposition

This is going to be an informative session where you will have something new to take away from the meeting. The cost is £40 per head and will include a superb meal in a beautiful setting.

If you wish to attend please confirm by email your response to

I hope to see you there.

David Lloyd

PS. Advertising has been described as “the science of arresting human intelligence for long enough to get money from it”. To discuss.