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What To Expect From Us

Ducketts Business Development Standards

Our aim is to make your business successful (whatever that means for you). If you become a Ducketts Business Development client you can expect to have/know the following:

  • Your Breakeven per year, month, week, day.
  • Your Breakeven in terms of activity as above.
  • The level of activity that is required to achieve your annual profit/cash target.
  • You will have a forecast that starts with the level of activity and ends with the change in cash balances. The forecast will be capable of manipulation so that it is possible to predict the year end position, part the way through the year.
  • You will have a plan of what you are trying to achieve that year and an outline of the actions needed to get there.
  • You will understand the actions that are critical to achieving that plan.
  • You should expect help from Ducketts with those actions.
  • You will have a dashboard of financial and non-financial information to monitor the performance of the business monthly.
  • You will have an accounting system that is reliable and is able to produce meaningful financial reports.
  • That Ducketts will promote your business whenever possible.

In return, we expect:

  • That you will apply yourselves to improving the business as you plan
  • That you will recommend Ducketts to other good businesses
  • That you will pay your bills on time