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Sales Training Courses For Sales People, Customer Service Staff, Sales Managers & Business Owners


Are you looking for a sales course for yourself or your colleagues?

If so, Ducketts can help.
Our workshop based sales courses are the most effective way of training individual salespeople in your organisation.

All of our sales courses are delivered in a fun and interactive way. Your salespeople will get to engage and share best practice advice with other sales professionals from different industries and sectors across the region.

All of our sales training courses are formally endorsed and taken by Phil Brace AISM who has years of sales experience in the service sector working with local, national and international organisations. Phil’s experience is straight from the coal face of up to date methods currently being used by national corporate organisations. Phil makes this practice relevant to both local and national markets and everything is evidence based.

Our courses are one day workshops held in our training suite on the Rotherwas industrial estate, Hereford. Course notes, lunch and coffee are included.

Friday 24th November 2017 £200pp (+VAT)

Sales Training Workshops and Sales Courses

Why wait to polish those selling skills that will help you earn more revenue and improve sales performance? Sign up today for one of our sales training workshops to learn the secrets behind successful selling - the Customer First Way.
​With our proven sales process, you’ll be well on your way to increased sales.

Sales Training Workshops and Sales Programmes

We offer sales training workshops to organisations of all sizes and industries.
​Our sales methodology has proven successful for many of our clients across a range of sectors, our approach is always evidence based and work on the basis that all sales people are not the same. We focus on best practice and on what the customer experience and needs are.

Our sales training courses have proven to help business owners gain a deeper
understanding of the sales process, sales managers become better sales people and better leaders. Furthermore, field sales staff increase their sales and enjoyment of the job and customer service staff get a better understanding of what really matters.

Significantly improve sales performance
Improve customer retention
Improve the customer experience
Increase forecasting accuracy
Boost sales and revenue year over year
Improve prospect and pipeline qualification
Lead with value not product, putting the customer’s goals/needs first
Shorten the sales cycle
Stop losing to “no decisions”
Reduce cost of sale
Improve staff enjoyment and motivation

Take a moment to consider the benefits of a locally managed Sales workshop and call today to book your place.