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Levelling up with the Talent Academy


Levelling up with the Talent Academy

We had a really positive Talent Academy session yesterday.

For those that don’t know, the idea of the Talent Academy is to share ideas and discuss issues.
Everybody contributes and we all learn together. The knock-on effect is always to enthuse everybody, even when things go a little astray.

Yesterday’s event was focused on feeding back from courses that different team members have recently attended.

Carrie – The forthcoming changes in the CT rates
Dasha – Cryptocurrency – it’s hard!
Netty – MTD chaos
Jazz (presenting in the photos) – General accounting issues

It might not sound particularly exciting (if you’re not an accountant!), but we all felt better for knowing what might catch us out.

The next event is rather less work focused – we are canoeing down the Wye, hopefully in the bright sunshine.

We'll report back.