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Sorry you missed it.


Sorry you missed it.

We’ve been running BD events for a (very) long time now and I’ve never been able to work out whether they are supposed to be informative or entertaining. I suspect it doesn’t matter.

So, we ran an event at Dewsall Court in late March where I chatted to Paul Trepte and Nick Rumney about their experiences in selling their businesses. Remember, the strap line was “Selling your business and living happily ever after”

 I thought it was entertaining, but I was on stage.

Nothing I can now write can recover the entertainment element, so we’d best focus on the informative bit.
Any conversation with Nick and Paul is bound to wander around and it was very much like herding cats.

The gist of it boiled down to:

  • Approach a sale as you would any other special project: work at it proactively and stop procrastinating. A potential buyer will not drop out of thin air. That may mean instructing an agent (ie corporate finance specialists).
  • Get shareholder expectations aligned
  • Don’t let the process get in the way of the outcome
  • Be in the right place at the right time with the right products and profits.



Then we had dinner and chatted

If (had you been there) you might have found it all a bit earnest, then the next event is for you: a tour of the vineyard at (hopefully) Coddington (but maybe Three Choirs) on Thursday the 9th June. In other words, a Social.

Can we still say “Be there or be square”?

For further details, please email