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Meet the Team! Dasha Berezka


Meet the Team! Dasha Berezka

A goldmine of serious endeavour, and always positive.

How long have you worked with Ducketts?

I have been working for Ducketts for 13 years.

What’s your job title?

My Job title is accountant.

Describe your job in 3 words.

Motivating, Challenging, friendly.

What was your previous role and how does it help you in your day-to-day job now? 

I worked as a book-keeper on a self-employed basis prior to joining Ducketts. It was a good basis for the Trainee position I originally applied for.     

Why did you join Ducketts? 

I had always wanted to work in an accountancy practice.

What's your favourite film? 

The Green Mile

What's your passion outside of work? 

I am passionate about my family and friends and about living my life happily and to its full potential.  

What would your superpower be?