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Why we stopped watching the clock....


Why we stopped watching the clock....

We know that for some businesses, everything seems like it is falling to pieces at the moment and all plans have gone out of the window! Here at Ducketts our clock has unfortunately decided to follow suit.

 We rarely used it anyway as we don’t charge by the hour for our services. We charge on a monthly fixed-fee basis, as we don’t want clients that have ideas or opportunities to discuss or problems to solve, to be worried how much a meeting or telephone conversation might cost.

We believe in charging for our services by the value we can add to your company. We are not sitting there staring at the clock deciding how much we should charge; we are busy adding value to businesses! 

Our main goal is to increase the value of your business.  Proactivity is the key to this.  The more frequently we meet, the more proactive we can be and the more value we can bring. We focus on what is important to you and your business and work with you to achieve your success – whatever that might be.

If you like the sound of dealing with a more proactive, forward-thinking accountancy firm, that can’t clock watch even if we wanted to!  Then please call either Martyn Wright or Phil Taylor on 01432 370572 to find out more.