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Dewsall Court Case Study

About Dewsall Court

Dewsall Court is an enchanting, exclusive use venue for wedding and other celebrations. A  lovingly refurbished 17th century house set in 12 acres of Herefordshire countryside with views of the Black Mountains. Licensed for civil ceremonies in a variety of beautiful spaces inside and out. There is also a church at the bottom of the garden. Dewsall Court has built up an enviable reputation as the quintessential countryside hideaway with a variety of stunning spaces perfect for conferences, retreats, meetings or events in addition to their core business as a wedding venue. The uniquely designed bedrooms sleep up to 27 people, and an expert team are on hand to help plan and run every event.

How we helped?

Dewsall Court began working with Ducketts when the growth of the business meant that their previous accountant was unable to help any further. The initial task was to bring some structure to the accounting, enabling Dewsall Court to get a clear understanding of their figures and enabling the directors to plan business growth more accurately.

Our business development team worked extensively with Dewsall Court to develop a bespoke quoting platform that helped boost the profitability of events. This template also acted as an operational plan improving customer service and event coordination.

We also helped manage the business’s relationship with their bankers, who introduced Ducketts to Dewsall Court originally. Improved communications and cooperation with the bank further enhanced their ability to maximise profitability.

What does the client say?

We caught up with Samantha Vaughan, marketing director of Dewsall Court for her view of working with Ducketts.

What involvement did you get from your previous accountant?

They were a one-man band and while they were supportive, they simply didn’t have the infrastructure to support a larger company. It really wasn’t up to standard.

What made you approach Ducketts?

Mark Smith of Lloyds Bank suggested them. He had a working relationship with Ducketts and recommended them because of their Business Development Team.

What were your main concerns?

It was all a positive change, there were no real concerns. It was a good time to get some structure behind our accounting. It was exciting to have the extra input and support.

How did you find the process of working with Ducketts?

We like Chris Duckett, he is the driest man, but with a winning smile. He is the voice of reason when we get excited about a project. He is always very positive. We love the Business Development Team. John, Martyn and Mark helped create a bespoke quoting platform for us. A complete bespoke system that makes sure every quote hits the right margin and allows us to negotiate with the client. Ducketts are very involved in our business, everything they say is thought provoking. They are also active in bringing clients along to events, so there is reciprocal business as well.

Would you recommend Ducketts to others in your industry?

Yes, very much so, in fact we have already recommended them, and the clients jumped to them. We enjoy working with Ducketts, and value their involvement with our business.


It was a good time to get some structure behind our accounting. It was exciting to have the extra input and support.